Our story

Ashira & Kin - Our story
Ashira and Kin was born from our long-term friendship as budding Australian designers and social entrepreneurs. It is our mutual zeal for all things creative; passion to explore the world around us; and our eagerness to advocate for social issues, that makes us inseparable. Ashira and Kin is our journey in pursuit of making a difference in the world and our goal is to allow like-minded people around the globe to come together and narrate the Ashira and Kin story.
Our Vision
Across cultures, we are vastly different — and surprisingly the same.
Proudly Australian, we respect and celebrate both differences and similarities. With a passion for design, we recognise the power of creativity to connect people and ideas. We acknowledge the value of artisans, makers, and designers in every part of the world. We believe that through sharing skills, knowledge and experience, we grow as individuals — and make the world a better place.
Our Mission
We aim to explore diversity, educate and empower makers and consumers, and encourage intercultural exchange.